Hi. I’m Jonathan Burns.

I believe that advanced technology,
combined with innovative design,
can make a positive impact on our world.

I want to write the code that makes that happen.

About Me

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My name is Jonathan Burns, I live in the San Francisco Bay Area, and I work at Facebook. I appreciate well-designed software, and I enjoy software development because it challenges me to combine logic, problem solving, and mathematics with creativity and user experience design to build the best software possible.

I graduated from Carnegie Mellon University in 2018, where I served as a Teaching Assistant for Carnegie Mellon’s “Principles of Imperative Computation” and “Compiler Design” classes for three years. I also enjoy photography, exploring the outdoors, and playing violin.

My Projects

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  • Hack-a-Song Website

    Winter 2015-2016

    I created the web site for Carnegie Mellon University’s first musical hackathon. It integrates with the SoundCloud API to allow participants to upload their songs, adding them to a single playlist containing all submissions.

  • Social Media App

    Summer 2015

    I worked with a team of 8 developers on a yet-to-be-released social media app for iPhone. The app leverages the user’s physical context as well as previous social interactions to present a new, more efficient form of communication.

  • iHW

    Summer 2013-Summer 2014

    The iHW Mobile Apps for iPhone and Android give students and faculty at Harvard-Westlake High School easy access to their daily schedules. They connect to an online system to download the most updated list of holidays, exams, special schedules, and events.

  • Harvard-Westlake InfoCenter

    Spring-Summer 2014

    The HW InfoCenter system shows announcements, news, and the day’s schedule on TV screens across the Harvard-Westlake High School campus.

  • SDSU Research Data Entry System

    Summer 2012

    I implemented a data-entry web application for the San Diego State University Research Foundation that allows employees to quickly enter data from a paper survey and receive the results in tabular format.

  • Troop 1 Website


    The Troop 1 Website, built with Drupal, integrates with the Facebook Graph API to show a photo gallery and includes a members-only area with a troop roster system.

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