Hi. I’m Jonathan Burns.

I believe that advanced technology,
combined with innovative design,
can make a positive impact on our world.

I want to write the code that makes that happen.

About Me

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My name is Jonathan Burns, I live in Los Angeles, and I’m studying computer science at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I appreciate well-designed software, and enjoy both front-end and back-end development. I enjoy software development because it challenges me to combine logic, problem solving, and mathematics with creativity and user experience design to build the best software possible.

In addition to software development, I enjoy serving as a Teaching Assistant for Carnegie Mellon’s “Principles of Imperative Computation” class, helping other students learn data structures and programming safety practices. I also enjoy photography, exploring the outdoors, and playing violin in Carnegie Mellon’s All University Orchestra. When I’m at home, I also remain involved with my former Boy Scout troop as an adult leader, acting as a mentor to the scouts.

My Projects

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  • Hack-a-Song Website

    Winter 2015-2016

    I created the web site for Carnegie Mellon University’s first musical hackathon. It integrates with the SoundCloud API to allow participants to upload their songs, adding them to a single playlist containing all submissions.

  • Social Media App

    Summer 2015

    I worked with a team of 8 developers on a yet-to-be-released social media app for iPhone. The app leverages the user’s physical context as well as previous social interactions to present a new, more efficient form of communication.

  • iHW

    Summer 2013-Summer 2014

    The iHW Mobile Apps for iPhone and Android give students and faculty at Harvard-Westlake High School easy access to their daily schedules. They connect to an online system to download the most updated list of holidays, exams, special schedules, and events.

  • Harvard-Westlake InfoCenter

    Spring-Summer 2014

    The HW InfoCenter system shows announcements, news, and the day’s schedule on TV screens across the Harvard-Westlake High School campus.

  • SDSU Research Data Entry System

    Summer 2012

    I implemented a data-entry web application for the San Diego State University Research Foundation that allows employees to quickly enter data from a paper survey and receive the results in tabular format.

  • Troop 1 Website


    The Troop 1 Website, built with Drupal, integrates with the Facebook Graph API to show a photo gallery and includes a members-only area with a troop roster system.

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Carnegie Mellon University SMC 3341
Pittsburgh, PA 15289-3341